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Bad Santa is a playful name which refers about Santas alter ego, who is the chef of delicious alcohol ice cream.

So nice and kind Santa Claus, who has delivered all those gifts and the christmas magic all over to world, he might need some own time also.

And when he does, he enjoys Bad Santa alcohol cream.

Jens Lönnqvist
Jens LönnqvistCEO
+358 40 841 3099
Kimmo Hotanen
Kimmo HotanenPartner
+358 400 468 567
Kare Uotila
Kare UotilaEstonian seller
+358 50 5742 567
Oscar Laitinen
Oscar Laitinenproduction manager
+358 44 522 0285
Maria Pihajoki
Maria PihajokiSales & Marketing
+358 44 377 4685